Burnet Border Collie
514 Dawns Peak Lampasas, Tx. 76550
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Past Litters

You have read about our Dad and Moms and now it's our turn. The pictures you see below are our brothers and sisters that have already found loving homes.
Now that you see how adorable we are, I know that our future brothers and sisters will find a loving home like us.
The Puppies  

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to let us meet and fall in love with little Daisy. I am so excited. On our way home we stopped and bought her her baby collar. We could tell by all the puppies and the older dogs that you work with them and socialize them. They all have such a loving nature.

Thank you again and we will see you in August.

Maggie  Willow was a real trooper on the ride home. She was real comfy in the truck and had fun too!
We have our hands full here with her and the kitty. The kitty has to make sure that she is still #1 with me, and the Willow cries when I go out with the kitty and leave her behind. But they are settling in. Willow had her first bunny run this morning and has been herding the guinea fowl. She seem to be right at home in her new surroundings. I got the little plastic pool out and we play with Duckie in the water (Duckie is one of those floating dog toys) and she plays with the 'big girl balls’ that we kept that were Tilly’s as well as her new little ‘puppy’ balls. 
The pics of the new puppies look GREAT on the website! They are all just precious!! I am so glad we got to spend time with you folks and your Mom and all the puppies. I do hope we can get together again soon!!
Love you!!
C and T   

Layla This is I gotta go potty, she brings us so much love and joy everyday! She has been to the Vet twice for her routine shots and heartworm meds goes again on the 27th for rabies etc. We love her very much.   Belle It amazes me at how quickly she learns things and how smart she is. She even knows the name Avery (my sister's German shepherd that she runs and plays with) or at least it means a car ride because she runs to the garage door when you say the name. I can't believe how lucky we got with her; she is exactly what I was wanting! 

 I took Otto to the river and he had a blast, we love him very much and he is very smart, thank you for the friend you have given us 

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