Burnet Border Collie
514 Dawns Peak Lampasas, Tx. 76550​
Cell: 830-385-0792



Dusty is our ABCA registered male that come from a long line of working dogs. His birthdate is 05-30-09. He has a medium coat that is thick and soft, with stand up ears. He came to live with us at 5 months old from a working ranch in Dublin, Texas. Dusty is extremely smart and is a great companion. He was taught in a very short time all basic commands and never forgets anything he has learned. He has a loving and patient attitude around other dogs and cats and livestock.                                                                                

When we had our small ranch with a few cows, although when we need Dusty's help he is always willing and does a great job for us. He has the "stare" of a good herding dog. He listens very well, no need for leash in pasture or walking or running. Love to ride in car or truck and is always happy to see you and meet new people.

We have now moved into Lampasas. Dusty has adjusted extremely well to his new surroundings and his routine.

Dusty is black and white but carries the tri-color trait (black, white, and red) and has thrown puppies with different color eyes, black and blue.